A939 M/T II

A939 M/T II Tyre

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Tyre Brand: APlus

Tyre Name: A939 M/T II

Tyre Details

Key Features

  • Lateral grooves and ribs - Effectively eject stones and resist drilling
  • Special Tread Compound - Highly resistant to tearing, cutting and designed for prolonged 4x4 applications.
  • Raised rim protector - Protects the wheel and tyre from additional wear

Performance Category: Off Road 4wd Maximum Traction

Available Sizes

SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad RangeVehicle CodePrice
33x12.5R20LT 114QLT114Q Call for price
35x12.5R20LT 121QLT121Q Call for price
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad RangeVehicle CodePrice
35x12.5R22LT 117QLT117Q Call for price
37x12.5R22LT 123QLT123Q Call for price